Happy Holiday's From The Amundsen Family

​We did our first lights synced to music display in 2012, after being inspired by many of the 
other displays in our area. This year, our display includes over 20,000 traditional lights, 
nearly all LED, controlled with 208 “channels”. These lights use over 4,000 feet of extension 
cords. In addition, our display utilizes 2,500 RGB (red/green/blue) LEDs that can be set to 
nearly any color imaginable and are controlled using an additional 1,100 “channels”. Each channel 
can be turned on our off by the computer, exactly when you tell it.  

The lights are configured into various display items throughout the yard, including a 20 foot tall tree made from RGB LEDs, eight mini trees, each with 50 RGB LED bulbs, two arches made from RGB LEDs, a 10 foot blue spiral tree, a 10 foot purple/white mega tree, a blue “twinkle” tree and a variety of other items throughout the yard. One of the most popular items in our display is Santa, who is featured in our front window and waves 
to kids of all ages.  

We broadcast our music over “SantaFM”, 88.5 FM on your dial. If your car radio is equipped with RDS, you 
can even see the title and artist for each song played, while it is playing.  

Our inspiration to do this comes from our own Christmas traditions, driving around the area on Christmas Eve, looking at the beautiful and creative displays. While we have always put up our own lights, in increasing 
numbers each year, our display never came to life, as is possible with technology today. Driving by a static display, with thousands of lights and decorations, is impressive, but parking, tuning to a FM station that brings Christmas music into your car, while you watch thousands of lights dance to the music, is awesome. We 
wanted to be a part of the festive atmosphere in Naperville, where, in addition to individual families driving around in their cars, Trolleys also take loads of enthusiastic patrons on tours of the area as well.  

We hope you enjoy this year's display and will come back again.

The Amundsen's

You can contact us at naperlightshow@gmail.com.


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